A Señora is loyal to family and friends who expects no more from others than she's willing to give; she is a woman who is confident in her beliefs, and yet is willing to listen to what others have to say.

A Señora is trustworthy, a confidante. A Señora lends a helping hand when you need her. She is your best friend, she is Love, she is Tenderness, and she is Courage.

A Señora gives the gifts of her thoughtfulness, shows her caring with good words of support and her understanding with a smile.

A Señora guides and inspires not by quoting other philosophers but by living her own good example; who accepts victories and disappointment with grace, who rises above life's challenges, and moves on.

A Señor is a man we admire, a man who raises our spirits, and never lets us down.

A Señor climbs the ladder of success while consciously reaching out to bring others up with him. He knows that success is much sweeter and more meaningful when it is shared with others.

A Señor bases his life on principals, his willingness to sacrifice without expectations or Thanks. He sees success as achieving the goals he has set. He is a Son, a Brother, a Husband, a Father; strong, yet gentle.